A Message To My Competitor

I work in the home care industry. <– (And THAT is a loaded statement!)

Because of the rising “gray wave” aka Baby Boomers, the industry is already starting to explode. It’s just incredible! But that means I have a lot of competitors and sometimes it can be hard to earn (not sell, but “earn”) a new client. That’s the nature of the beast.

Today, however, I was just blown away by something a potential client was told by a competitor.

A message to my competitor: Don’t be a jerk and lie to get the sale. We are dealing in commodities and products, we are dealing with PEOPLE and someone’s parents! Just be honest!

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3 thoughts on “A Message To My Competitor

  1. Sheri Tate says:

    and the potential client….is now ours 🙂

  2. Pennie Phillips says:

    Well said. We care…..for people not commodities.

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