Why Did I Start A Blog

It’s the first rain of the season tonight. I’m sitting on the couch listening to my inspiration and drinking some “deliciously citrusy” goodness, and asking myself the most important question (when it comes to blogging): Why am I even doing this? Why did I start a blog?

I have to chastise myself a little. As a die-hard Simon Sinek fan, I committed the gravest of sins: I didn’t start with my Why when creating this blog. Well, let’s get to it then.

For the last year or so, I have started to rethink my life a bit. I have started giving a lot of thought to how I fit into the world and what value I bring to the table. I owe a large portion of that intellectual and social maturation to my faith and what I do for a living.

I am privileged to be part of an incredible organization with some great people at the helm. Each day I feel challenged to innovate and grow. I feel the pressure that comes with the prospect of losing that “big client” or realizing that one of our team members isn’t exactly part of the team and trying to decide how are we going to address that. I feel the anxiety of not knowing what tomorrow brings. Above all, I feel the enormous weight of responsibility in knowing that whatever I do (or don’t do) directly affects many lives, not just my own.

That is a recipe for change. Whether it be failure or success, something has to give.

We all face these kinds of decisions. Either we submit to external forces and forfeit our agency, or we assert our independence and act for ourselves. We are not just animals. We are not idly subject to the external forces that surround us We are all endowed with the power to control our destiny. I have chosen to start using that power… with a blog. I’m going to share what I have learned, and what I continue to learn every day.

My expectations are grounded and simple: I want to share my story with an audience that will find application for it in their life and those with whom they engage.

We have the chance to do good. As I have become aware of the rich environment in which I find myself, I have realized my potential for good. As I take control and responsibility for my life, I want to share that with others.

Why do I blog? Because I can, and because I want to. I want to inspire and do all I can to change the world. Does that sound too lofty? Good. That’s how I roll.

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