A Message To My Competitor

I work in the home care industry. <– (And THAT is a loaded statement!)

Because of the rising “gray wave” aka Baby Boomers, the industry is already starting to explode. It’s just incredible! But that means I have a lot of competitors and sometimes it can be hard to earn (not sell, but “earn”) a new client. That’s the nature of the beast.

Today, however, I was just blown away by something a potential client was told by a competitor.

A message to my competitor: Don’t be a jerk and lie to get the sale. We are dealing in commodities and products, we are dealing with PEOPLE and someone’s parents! Just be honest!

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My Professional Great Awakening

Ok. All 3 of you that read this: I hate to break it to you, but I’m lazy. I wanted to post something seeing as I started this blog like 3 weeks ago and this will only be post #3. BUT, time is something I always seem to be short of because there are other things I could be doing. So, here it is. My very first video blog.

Disclaimer- I hate the sound of myself talking. So, hopefully you don’t despise it as much as I do and can stick in there for just over 4 minutes.

As always, I don’t pretend to be a genius or infallible, just an expert on my own thoughts. So, please give your feedback. A few strokes of the ego are always nice.

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It’s Personal

My dabbling into telling personal stories and motivation. This is something I’d really like to do more of- share meaningful and emotionally rooted content.

I am trying to think about how I can bring value. For me, video is a power tool if done right. So my question is: am I doing it right? Well… that’s what the internet is for, right? Send it out there and see what comes back! Constructive (not rude) feedback is VERY welcome!

A little detail: I shot this with an iPhone 4S and a $16 mic. I edited it in Final Cut Pro and the whole thing maybe took me an hour from shooting to upload.

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